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Body hair, whether they are on our legs, arms or face can be irritating many a time. On a normal day, using a razor or waxing may be considered a great option but, when you have an event like a wedding to attend or a party a few days later all the ingrown hair which cannot be easily removed or hidden and show like a spike, it becomes embarrassing. This is when permanent methods like laser hair removal come in handy and all though they may take a few sittings to complete, the result is that you never have to worry about becoming an embarrassment again.

Laser hair removal is a method that is often considered to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body and although it is not a hundred percent, it is a 50%-95% effective in reducing the growth of the new hair and the hair that even grows are fine and soft which can be easily maintained.

Below are 8 benefits of getting laser hair removal done:

1. Time Effective

The treatment of laser hair removal is time effective as once you have scheduled a sitting at the clinic, it will take approximately an hour for arms and/ or legs and around 20 odd minutes for the bikini and armpit areas. Hence, you will not be spending an entire day at the clinic and easily utilize the rest of the day constructively.

2. Cost-Effective

Getting a laser hair treatment done is a one-time investment and saves so much of your money throughout your life. You can save yourself from the unnecessary expenditure of razors, tweezers, and wax. The parlor appointments become lesser and balance your life.

3. No Ingrown Hair

One of the best benefits of getting laser hair removal is that there are no ingrowths. This saves you from many embarrassing events and the rough tiny hair show. People with sensitive hair can also get laser hair removal done as it is a safe method.

4. Time Effective

Going to a parlor or getting ready for a shave, all these activities take up an enormous amount of time. Not just the preparation, but also the activity itself, and then when you realize some patches left, you do the whole process again. But with laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about wasting more time again, it’s a time-effective method.

5. No Hair Growth Needed

Laser hair removal services.

Unlike waxing or applying a razor, when you decide to get the laser hair treatment you don’t have to wait for a full growth before getting your next appointment. Even with semi-permanent results of the first laser hair removal session, once you have a bit of hair growth, you can book the next appointment without having to worry about any side effects.

6. Wear all you like

With the treatment of laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about sudden plans or dates or office getaways. You can wear anything and everything you want without worrying about shaving or ingrown hair.

7. Controlled body Odour

One of the added benefits of laser hair removal is that with the unnecessary hair gone, body odor also gets reduced and in control. The follicles where the bacteria rested earlier giving a foul smell are not there. The laser treatment removes the hair from the root.

8. Toned smooth skin

Many a time waxing and other hair removal treatments can lead to rough and patchy skin post the treatment or after a few days that follow. But, with the laser hair removal treatment, your skin is left feeling soft and silky. While it has its positive effects on the skin texture, the laser treatment also improves the skin tone making it look glowing.

When you decide to get the laser hair removal treatment done ensure that you stop with other treatments such as waxing, tweezing, or razors at least six weeks before you go for your first appointment. This is because laser hair removal focuses on removing the hair from the roots and any ingrown hair due to the previous methods can disrupt the procedure.

You will be able to see the results after 4 to 6 sittings with results that are semi-permanent. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on every individual and their skin type.


Although beautiful, body hair can cause a general feeling of self-consciousness among a lot of people. This, along with a host of many other reasons, pushes people towards opting for hair removal procedures. Whilst there are quite many hair removal techniques available to people, laser hair removal is by far the most efficient technique available at Poplar Med Spa in Memphis, TN. As the best laser hair removal establishment in Memphis, TN, Poplar Med Spa places great attention on you as a customer right from the onset of your arrival at their clinic going all the way to the successful completion of the procedure.

With an educated, qualified, and professional staff at their disposal, efforts are made to study your medical history and skin type to make the whole process as easy and comfortable for you as possible. As a safe bet, you should also conduct due diligence and enquire from the clinic about the laser type in use with them and whether or not it is suitable for your skin tone and type. You can achieve your desired results efficiently and quickly with the best laser hair removal service clinic in Memphis, TN.