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How to care for your skin before and after laser hair removal?

How to care for your skin before and after laser hair removal

The laser hair removal clinic in Memphis offers you the best equipment that sends waves of effective and safe laser energy right into the follicles of your hair. As your hair follicles get heated, the natural growth cycle of your hair gets impacted. It may take anywhere from a few weeks to up to a month for the hair targeted by the laser to shed away eventually on its own.

After a while, when your hair grows back, it is lighter, thinner, and finer. With every consequent treatment, your hair continues to grow lesser and lesser until, ultimately, your hair stops growing again at all. Laser hair removal could reduce the growth of your hair drastically in practically all areas, such as your neck, back, stomach, underarms, arms, and legs.

Should you get a laser hair removal treatment?

Because the current technology in lasers has gotten very advanced, more and more people have been opting to get laser hair removal in Memphis. Even if earlier you didn’t qualify to be a suitable candidate to get this treatment, chances are you would be now. However, it is still true that laser hair removal is considerably more effective when you have dark hair and light skin. Your laser hair removal can also work well if you have dark skin or light hair. The most effective way to know whether you should get a laser hair removal is suitable for you is when you opt to go for a consultation at a laser hair removal clinic in Memphis.

How many laser hair removal procedures do you need?

Laser Hair Removal in Memphis

The number of laser hair removal procedures you need to get depends on your specific needs and requirements. Even though a lot of women and men typically require a string of around six to eight procedures, every treatment needs to be spaced approximately four and eight weeks to help you in getting optimal results. Even though laser hair removal is considered to be permanent, in a few cases, you may tend to experience some new hair growth.

New hair growth is most expected during periods when you have some hormonal fluctuations, especially around pregnancy. However, there’s no need to worry, and if you experience any new growth of hair in the area, you can come back to Poplar Med Spa in Memphis, TN.

How should you prepare for your laser hair removal appointment?

  • You need to shave the area of the treatment around 24 hours before your appointment. You need to remember to shave closer to the area. You can also leave a tiny patch of hair which can help your specialist in examining it.  Make sure that you avoid shaving the area where you need to keep your hair. 
  • Don’t apply any deodorant, lotion, or makeup on the area when you go for your appointment.
  • Avoid any direct sunlight for around 3 days before and 3 days after your appointment.
  • Avoid using any spray tan products or self-tanner for around 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Don’t drink more than around 2 alcoholic beverages a day prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid tweezing, threading, or waxing the area a month after the treatment.

How should you care for the treated area after the appointment?

Young woman having laser hair removal
  • It is normal to get bumps and experience some redness in the area. After your treatment, it is normal to get these for around 2 hours. The treated area can also feel sunburnt for some hours. You can apply a cold compress to cure any sensitivity. If you experience some crusting, you should use an antibiotic cream.
  • Make sure that you cleanse the area gently with a mild soap. You need to also pat the area dry instead of rubbing it in the first two days.
  • Avoid using any deodorant, moisturizer, lotion, or makeup in the affected area a day after you get the procedure done. If there is any irritation or redness, you need to wait until it has completely subsided.
  • Dead hairs start to shed around 5 to a month after you get your treatment. Stubble represents dead hair that is being shed from your hair follicle, and it starts to appear. It is completely normal and stubble falls out quite quickly after you get your laser hair removal in Memphis.
  • You should exfoliate the treated area to speed up some shedding of your hair. Between around 5 days to a month, your hair will start to shed and you may experience some new growth of hair. However this is not the growth of new hair, it is just the dead hair getting out of the follicle by pushing its way up. You can help this hair in coming out by washing the area with shaving or using a washcloth.
  • Avoid getting into the sun. If you go into the sun for around 2 months after your laser hair removal, you are risking getting some light or dark spots. You have to make sure that you use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 25 throughout the two months following your treatment.
  • Make sure that you do not tweeze, thread, wax, scratch, or pick the area. You can only use shaving as a method to remove hair from the area. Avoid anything else since it can prevent you from getting the best results.
  • Hair growth can vary. On average, a lot of people will feel hairless after going through 6-9 sessions. 


It is quite normal to experience some slight discomfort, like in some sensitive areas such as your underarms, but it is highly unlikely to feel any pain. A lot of women and men think that laser hair removal is like a few tiny rubber bands that flick your skin. It is very beneficial to spread a light topical numbing cream that you can obtain from any local pharmacy before you head in to get your treatment at a laser hair removal clinic in Memphis. This way, you can get your skin thoroughly numbed and be prepared for your appointment. Alternatively, you can even use an ice pack to get the same effect.