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Ultrasound Specialists in Memphis, TN

Ultrasound Specialists in Memphis, TN

Ultrasounds have transformed women’s health services, allowing medical professionals to perform completely painless comprehensive diagnostic and screening examinations in less than an hour. The experienced team at Poplar Avenue Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, uses the latest ultrasound imaging technology when treating their patients. Whether you’re pregnant, have reproductive organ health concerns, or need intricate surgery, partner with a practice that offers state-of-the-art care for all your needs. Call today or book a consultation online.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What are ultrasounds?

An ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging tool that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of organs and structures inside your body. It allows your provider to assess and monitor what’s happening inside you without performing any surgery.


Your provider uses an ultrasound device to capture the images. While most ultrasounds involve using the device on the outside of your body, on occasion, they may need to place the device inside your body.


Although commonly associated with the types of fetal imaging you see in pregnancy, the team at Poplar Avenue Clinic uses ultrasounds for multiple women’s health applications.

How do ultrasounds work?

The ultrasound device — a transducer — emits a high-frequency sound, silent to the human ear. As the sound waves bounce back, the transducer records the echoes, translating the waves into information that shows the size, shape, and consistency of the organs and soft tissues it “hits.”


The information comes back in real-time, which is why you can see babies moving during fetal ultrasounds. Your doctor uses the ultrasound data to make informed decisions about treatment plans or next steps.

Why have an ultrasound?

Polar Avenue Clinic uses ultrasounds in three ways: pregnancy monitoring, health diagnostics, and during medical procedures.

Pregnancy monitoring

Ultrasounds form a vital part of pregnancy care. They allow doctors to check a baby’s health and development, measure growth, screen for genetic issues and congenital disabilities, and detect placental or positioning problems.

Health diagnostics

The providers at Polar Avenue Clinic use ultrasounds to detect and diagnose women’s health issues, predominantly in the ovaries and uterus.

Medical procedures

Doctors use ultrasound in some delicate surgical and medical procedures to help direct them to the precise point of treatment.

Ultrasounds have transformed women’s health, delivering vital information to providers for them to act upon immediately if necessary.

What are the benefits of ultrasound?

Ultrasounds offer many benefits to both patients and medical practitioners.

  • They’re painless
  • No radiation exposure
  • They’re widely accessible
  • Can capture soft tissue imaging, unlike traditional X-rays

If you have any questions about ultrasounds, reach out to Poplar Avenue Clinic.

How should I prepare for an ultrasound?

When preparing for your ultrasound, wear loose-fitting clothing so that your provider can maneuver the ultrasound device into the optimal position.

If you have an appointment for a fetal ultrasound, drink plenty of water beforehand because a full bladder helps you see more on the ultrasound.

Depending on what type of ultrasound you’re having, you may need to remove your outer clothing, keep your underwear on, and wear a gown.

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