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Best Vaginal Discharge and STD Specialists in Memphis, TN

Best Vaginal Discharge and STD Specialists in Memphis, TN

Vaginal discharge is a totally normal element of the female reproductive system. However, it can be a helpful indicator that you have an infection or other health concern when it significantly changes in appearance. The experienced women’s health team at Poplar Avenue Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, diagnoses and treats the cause of the abnormal vaginal discharge to ensure that you remain healthy. If you have concerns you’d like to discuss with a doctor, call the practice today or book through the patient portal.

Vaginal Discharge and STD Checks Q & A

What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is your body’s natural cleaning method to remove bacteria and dead cells from your vagina, preventing infection. It’s a fluid made by the glands inside the cervix and vagina, and in most cases, it’s completely normal.


The amount of vaginal discharge produced varies depending on your menstrual cycle and whether you’re pregnant, ovulating, or breastfeeding.


Its odor and color also vary, from whitish and sticky to clear and watery, and everyone has their own “normal” — a color and odor that is consistent for your body. However, if you’ve noticed distinct changes in your discharge, it could signal that something’s wrong.


Many people feel self-conscious when speaking to their doctor about vaginal discharge, but it’s something that every female experiences. Never allow it to prevent you from getting checked out if you have concerns.

What do the different types of vaginal discharge mean?

You can tell a lot about your body from the color and consistency of your vaginal discharge.

Clear and watery

Clear and watery discharge is completely normal.

Clear and stretchy

The discharge becomes stretchy and mucous-like when you’re ovulating.


White discharge usually signals the beginning and end of your menstrual cycle.

However, if it’s thick and lumpy and you feel severe itching, you may have a yeast infection and need treatment.

Yellow or green

Yellow or green discharge is abnormal, especially when it has a thick consistency and smells unpleasant. It usually indicates a condition called trichomoniasis, an infection spread through sexual intercourse.

Other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like gonorrhea and chlamydia can also cause colored discharge with an off odor. The providers at Poplar Avenue Clinic perform comprehensive STI screenings, so you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Brown or bloody

Brown or bloody discharge, or spotting, is normal. It usually occurs at the beginning and end of your menstrual cycle, but you may also experience it between cycles. If you have spotting when pregnant, however, you should see your doctor to get checked over. Rarely, brown or bloody discharge signifies something more serious, like fibroids or endometrial or cervical cancer.


Annual wellness checks at Poplar Avenue Clinic ensure your doctor catches anything severe in its early stages.

How is vaginal discharge treated?

Vaginal discharge treatment varies depending on what’s causing it. For infections and STIs, your doctor prescribes you antifungal medication or antibiotics that you may need to take as an oral pill or vaginal pessary — sometimes both. If you have an STI, you should also refrain from sexual activity until your condition is resolved to avoid spreading it to others.

Untreated infection can lead to severe illness and infertility. If you have concerns about vaginal discharge changes, call Poplar Avenue Clinic today or book an appointment online.