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What Causes Facial Hair In Women?

What Causes Facial Hair in Women

Excessive facial hair in women or hirsutism is more common than you realize.  Of course, the way society has construed the way we see facial hair; hirsutism is perceived more as an abnormality than a condition. On the surface, facial hair— growth or not, is a quite blurred topic and must not be confined to masculinity or related genders. Facial hair may make some women conscious about their looks but it is in no way dangerous. Yes, the underlying reason behind it; is hormonal imbalance may bring on some health concerns.


The excessive facial or body hair growth in females in a male-like pattern is considered hirsutism in medical science. The underlying reasons behind it would be polycystic ovary syndrome and androgen excess. The most common areas in the body include the upper and lower back, upper inner thighs, lower abdomen, peri areolar, and chest area. While hair growth in these regions could seem manageable for some facial hair especially coarse male-type patterns on the face, sideburns, upper lips, and chip area is a worrisome condition for most.

While soft, light-colored, fine facial hair growth is normal, coarse, dark hair on the face is considered hirsutism. This change from vellus (normal, fine hair) to terminal (dark, coarse hair) happens due to hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) stimulation in the hair follicle. Now this change is irreversible and can be only treated through laser hair removal treatments.

Causes of facial hair growth

Facial Hair

Excessive male-type pattern facial hair growth in females depends on the genes as well. The ethnic or racial groups you belong to also plays a pivotal role here. Some other causes include-

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

A common effect of PCOS, unwanted facial hair affects most women along with irregular periods. Other than the face, excessive hair growth appears on the abdomen, upper legs and arms, chest, and back.

Although the condition improves with the expertise of medical and reproductive endocrinologists, hormone-sensitive hair follicles can only be dealt with through hair removal treatments. PCOS treatments cater to improvement in the condition of adrenal glands and ovaries. However, the hair follicles, once affected, can only be reduced through laser hair removal treatments.

  • Enzyme deficiency

A rare genetic disorder, 17a-Hydroxylase (17-OH) deficiency syndrome is also among the causes of facial hair growth. 17a-Hydroxylase affects the gonads. They are the hormone-producing glands in the ovaries in females and testes in males. According to a report, 17a-hydroxylase deficiency results in ambiguous external genitalia in males and a lack of pubertal development or menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) in females. Among the many effects of this deficiency includes excessive facial hair growth.

  • Medications

Some medicines and topical medications contain steroids such as anabolic that can lead to excess facial hair growth. Other than medicines, body-building steroids, and related treatments can contribute to excessive facial hair growth.   

Excessive facial hair growth becomes a concern as this is an indication of the condition getting serious. Facial hair growth is among the other masculinizing signs such as-

  • Male pattern balding
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Clitoris enlargement
  • Deepening of the voice

Hirsutism also happens to people after menopause and before puberty. This condition runs in the family and ethnic groups including Native Americans, South Asians, and Middle Eastern descents.

What Can You Do to Treat it?

Apart from birth control pills, anti-male hormone medications help in preventing the condition from getting worse. However, the real problem on the surface; facial hair growth should be taken care of. Now, it is a personal choice to remove and prevent facial hair growth but regular shaving, pulling, or plucking will only make the condition worse. This is where laser hair removal treatments come to your rescue.

Facial Hair in Women

During this treatment, the laser beams pass through the skin targeting the hair follicle. Once destroyed, you get rid of terminal hair. It is a simple process and quite reliable as it can be only performed by licensed and certified laser experts.

Laser hair removal treatments are quick and easy. The appointments are hassle-free and the duration is a lot less compared to other treatments. Other treatments, although effective, can be quite painful compared to laser treatments. Now laser hair removal treatments may not be pain-free but would hurt as little as a rubber band snapped against the skin.

The treatment is incredibly precise. Regardless of the size of the targeted area, laser beams do not miss it. This makes it ideal for people to remove facial hair. The area although small would be treated efficiently. The constant shaving and plucking could also lead to ingrown hairs. Since laser hair removal treatments destroy the hair from the roots, the chances of ingrown hairs are nil. Laser treatments are an excellent option if you suffer from ingrown hairs. Said that laser treatments ensure longer regrowth duration. While plucking and waxing will have you booking multiple sessions regularly, with laser hair removal treatments, you can enjoy smooth, supple skin for a longer duration.

The best part? No more razor blade refills, or monthly wax appointments. Laser hair removal treatments are a lot more cost-effective. And they are in fact, FDA approved, making them effective and safe. So whether you are planning to opt for laser treatment for your facial hair growth or bikini line; it is completely reliable.

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Memphis, TN

Poplar Avenue Clinic cares for you. Ensuring long-term, lasting results with laser hair removal sessions. A slight touch-up after a few months or years (depending on your case) will be your solution to facial hair growth. Very soon, you will notice a gradual but permanent reduction in hair growth which eventually becomes manageable. Check out our laser hair removal services!