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What is a Women’s Health Exam?

Women's Health Exam

Women’s health exams are specially designed exams to measure their health. Every individual living on this planet wants to remain fit and fine and most of the individuals remain successful in this objective of theirs. If an individual is given the option of choosing one among health and wealth, then without a doubt everyone will choose health as wealth can be earned later on but no one wants to remain in bad health. Although each individual requires medical attention, if we talk about a particular gender, women’s health clinic in US require more medical attention than men.

As a woman, you frequently need some special women’s health exams and screenings to make sure you are fit both physically and mentally. The medical checkups help find problems before they start. So every woman must take an annual exam with a specialist. In this post, we will discuss why an annual exam with a doctor is a must for every woman.

Visiting a specialist doctor has its benefits and we will now discuss the benefits of visiting a Gynecologist or any other specialist each year:

Counseling About Healthy Lifestyle

Women’s health is of utmost importance no matter where you live and how much you earn. Seeing your gynecologist each year is more than necessary for each woman. Your doctor will counsel you about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by minimizing health risks. As the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” says that it is better to take prevention than to take treatment for a health issue. Your gynecologist will guide you on nutrition and fitness, which is the foundation to weight management and thus prevents you from getting certain types of cancers.

Bone Health

Discussing your bone health with your doctor helps you build and maintain your bones throughout your life. Building bone health prevents you from getting Osteoporosis, which is a leading cause of disability among old-age individuals. Your doctor will guide you on what to eat and what not to eat to maintain bone health.

Reviewing Immunization Status

Women’s Health Exam

When you visit your doctor once a year, she will easily tell you about your immunization status. Your gynecologist knows what is good for you depending upon your age and body condition. She knows the risks associated with your health and tells you the same to help you prevent getting infected with a severe health issue.

Explaining Medical Options

You can know about the medical options available only by visiting your doctor once a year. For example, if you want a piece of advice on contraceptive options, then your gynecologist is the best person to suggest you anything. She holds tons of experience under his/her belt and this experience of theirs can be useful to you.

Helps in Prognosis

Taking a physical health examination helps detect vital signs like checking blood pressure. In case you have a high blood pressure issue, then detecting it earlier will help you start the prognosis as soon as it is detected.  Not only this, but the exam also determines body mass index (BMI), checking the abdomen and lymph nodes.

Helps Detecting Cancers

Taking a speculum exam once a year helps you detect vaginal cancers. Without a speculum exam, vaginal cancers can be missed. A dentist screening helps you detect oral cancer and maintains your happy smile forever. Over 3,000 types of vaginal cancer are diagnosed each year. Early detection of cancer increases the chances of survival. According to a report, if the cancer is detected in stage 1, then five-year survival rates are about 84 percent.

Reveal Hidden Health Problems

A medical exam helps you reveal hidden problems that you feel too embarrassed to bring up in front of others. Those problems could be urinary incontinence or bladder prolapsed. When you go through a medical exam, you no longer need to reveal these problems to your doctor as your reports will tell the same. Based on your problem, the doctor will treat you accordingly. Women who have a history of precancerous changes of the cervix and vagina are recommended to go through a pelvic exam to make sure that the disease has not returned.

The above-listed are the benefits of seeing a doctor but it is recommended to visit a doctor only after research to make sure that you get the right guidance and treatment. Now, you will ask how to find a women’s health clinic in Memphis, TN, or any other part of the world. So, don’t worry as it is not a daunting task. The first thing you could do is ask your family friends or close relatives whether they have a doctor’s contact. Why am I saying this? The answer is that your family friends or close relatives are your well-wishers and don’t think anything other than the best for you.

The given post concludes that an annual women’s health exam helps a woman maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only this, it helps in the early detection of severe disease, which in return increases your lifespan by adding years to your life. So, don’t wait, Get your women’s health exam booked now.